The Magic Knot

The Magic Knot by Helen Scott Taylor is a paranormal romance.  The story focuses on Rosenwyn Tremain, an accountant from a big bank in London, who has traveled to Cornwall to review the financials of a tavern mortgaged by her employer. Her mother had warned her never to go to Cornwall, but she had dismissed the warning. She doesn’t think it’ll take long and she has her own agenda to pursue there before she returns to her safe life in London. Rose had been born in Cornwall, but had grown up elsewhere and never known her father. She wants to use this excuse to visit the region and search for him.

The tavern she visits for work is in better and worse shape than she expected. It’s better because the owner and his brother are serious eye candy, but it’s worse because they still keep all their finances on paper — when they remember to do it at all!

Nonetheless, the near bankruptcy of the tavern is a minor plot element because the story kicks into high gear soon after she arrives. She’s drawn to Niall O’Connor and he, in turn, leads her straight to her father! Her father is the reason her mother had warned her never to return to Cornwall; the man is seriously dangerous! Through a series of accidents and near misses, Rose and Niall escape from her father’s estate.

Rose discovered her father and also some new things about herself. Apparently, she isn’t the normal one in her family. Her father is a druid and her mother a pixie queen! That makes her a pixie princess. Rose takes this new very well. Luckily, she has Niall to help her through it. He has secrets of his own, including his self-exile from Ireland for slighting the fairy queen.

The plot is tight and focused. Although the characters wander around the country side and from Cornwall to Ireland, the story sticks to its central theme of discovering family and reclaiming rights. I won’t say anymore about the plot because I don’t want to ruin it. I did enjoy the ending (needless to say, since this is a romance, but the characters got their Happily Ever After); I wonder how they dealt with the new challenges that came along with their responsibilities.


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