30 Second Bunnies Theater Library

30 Seconds Bunny Theater

Imagine your favorite movie; maybe it’s Gone With the Wind, Night of the Living Dead, The Princess Bride or Reservoir Dogs. Each of these movies last about two hours or more. What do you do when you want to see it, but don’t have time to watch it all? Well, you could watch a thirty second reenactment of the movie as performed by bunnies!

Angry Alien Productions created the 30 Second Bunnies Theater to parody well known films by animating them with bunnies. 30 Second Bunnies Theatre is made by Jennifer Shiman and usually voiced by her and a friend. These short animations are shown on the Starz tv network. Major plot points are hit and the sum total is sometimes greater than the actual movie. The bunny theme is repeared throughout the short videos; planes have bunny ears tied to their fusilage, dinosaurs sport them above their ridged foreheads, and all sorts of monsters have been bun-ified.

The summary of each movie usually features the major joke of the movie and the climax. Using just these two elements, viewers get a good feel for what the movie was about and usually also the mood of the movie. For example, Angry Alien Productions made a parody of The Ring. The bunny version showed the wraith (with bunny ears) and used camera shots reminiscent of the original — the shots were close up or through a door way. The lighting in the remake mimicked the original too. It was gloomy and rather gray colored. Although it revealed the plot twist at the end, it piqued your interest enough to watch the original, if only to understand what the bunny version was truly mocking.

My favorite bunny short is Office Space. It captured the annoying tedium of his job and included most of the classic lines like, “Did you get the memo?” and “If you take my stapler, I’ll have to burn the place down”. Although it was only thirty seconds, I thought it even contained all the major scenes. The only scene I wish was included was where the three men take the fax machine out to a deserted field and beat the shit out of it. Nonetheless, the short video gave me an taste of the movie and made me want to pull out my copy and watch it again!

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I am a woman working in the Twin Cities as a programming Librarian.
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