Questionable Content

Questionable Content
Questionable Content Web Comic

Questionable Content is a web comic created by Jeph Jacques. It is updated Monday through Friday. The strip started in August 2003. The name of the comic is pretty spot on; don’t be surprised to find material or curse words that could offend you. It revolves around a group of friends and the central character is a guy in his late twenties named Martin. This comic is about romance, gross-out jokes, indie music, and funny little robots.

The main characters are Martin, his girlfriend Dora, and their friends Faye and Hannelore. Other friends drift in and out of the storyline too. One of the new friends that has been added recently is Marigold. She shares an apartment with Angus, a possible love interest for Faye. Marigold is interesting because she likes manga and video games and is very shy. Martin works as a librarian at a women’s college. Dora owns a coffee shop, and Faye works there. Hannelore lives in the same building as they do; she’s the neurotic heirress to a tech fortune. They’re all pretty bohemian. Both Martin and Hannelore have personal computer robots that are sentient and pretty cute.
Common storylines are the group going out for drinks, Dora and Martin being romantic, Faye learning to be more open to people, Hannelore revealing her phobias, and more. I especially like the stories where the PC robots have gotten up to something naughty, like when they attached jet packs to roombas which then escaped to the far blue skies.
The art has changed a lot over the years. I think that’s pretty awesome. It definitely shows the constant work that Jeph is doing to improve his art. I like each stage too; it always seems to fit the story. It used to be more sketch-like and rough. The comic now looks more polished and smooth. The colors are nicely saturated and the characters are clearly defined. The storyline is interesting. I feel like I can relate to these people; they’re in my age range and I can see some of my college friends in them. We also got up to some crazy stuff, and-who-was-dating-who was always a topic of conversation.
The artist usually leaves short notes at the bottom of the website about how he’s doing and that makes the reader feel in the loop. He now lives on the proceeds of his web comic (that’s pretty rare to be able to do); some of the proceeds are from quirky tshirts. It’s kinda cool; the tshirts are a form of product placement because the characters wear them in the comic and then readers can buy them!

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