More Haiku


Grave for famous poet Yusa Buson

It’s time for more haiku about the library! As before, details are left out to protect the innocent … and not so innocent. This time, it’s mostly about patron interactions. Working with books used by the general public makes me want to wash my hands frequently. And sometimes computer questions befuddle me as well. Enjoy! Share any of your haiku in the comments below.        


Achoo! Cough, cough. Ugh.       

May I give you a tissue?        

Gross, it’s on the books.        


Can you help me? Thanks.       

Now I know where answers are.       

I will come again.       


 Right click, double click.      

Huh, how do I move the mouse?      

Don’t lift off table!       


 Choosing books is fun.       

Guessing what is popular.       

Hope none get challenged. 

About shortlibrarian

I am a woman working in the Twin Cities as a programming Librarian.
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