Wizard’s Daughter

Wizard's Daughter
Wizard’s Daughter by Catherine Coulter

Wizard’s Daughter by Catherine Coulter is a paranormal romance. It is the tenth book in the author’s Bride series featuring the Sherbrookes. Rosalind de la Fontaine is the self-named child who is given refuge at the Sherbrooke’s in the early nineteenth century England. The traumatized young girl, who didn’t speak for six months after her rescue, grew into a beautiful young woman. She meets Nicholas Vail, the earl of Mountjoy, and they are mutually fascinated by one another. Together, they are drawn to a mysterious manuscript written in a code that only Rosalind is able to read. Nicholas and Rosalind race to decipher the cause of strange and threatening events before their love and lives are extinguished. 


Catherine Coulter is a best-selling author. She has dozens of FBI thrillers and historical romances under her belt, and devoted fans across the world. So why did she publish this poorly written excuse of a book? It seems like she just jumped on the paranormal band wagon when it seemed that anyone who wrote anything was putting out a book with magic or vampires.   

This was so poorly written. The dialogue was overblown and ridiculous. The premise was interesting, but the denouement was anticlimactic, to say the least. I was disappointed that the romance was so abbreviated and unrealistic. I also expected more time to be spent on the fantasy world that she built up through the story, and was disappointed that the characters’ time there and their great “quest” was so boring and nonsensical. Find a different book. I do not recommend this one.

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