List of Dragon Books

I enjoyed reading His Majesty’s Dragon by Naomi Novik so much. It got me to thinking about other books with dragons that I’ve enjoyed in the past. The following books are ones that I’ve read and recommend for those of you looking for fantasy featuring dragons.

My list is definitely not complete. While I was looking up information on this topic, I realized how many books about dragons that I HAVEN’T read. These are just some of my favorites!

Title Author
Dragon Flight  George, Jessica Day 
Dragonflight McCaffrey, Anne
Dragonhaven McKinley, Robin 
Dragon’s Keep Carey, Janet Lee
Dragon Lovers Anthology by Romance Authors 
The Dragon Lover’s Guide to Pern McCaffrey, Anne 
Dragonsdale Drake, Salamanda
Dragon Slippers  George, Jessica Day
Dragon Spear  George, Jessica Day
Eragon  Paolini, Christopher 
Fire Me Up  MacAlister, Katie
His Majesty’s Dragon   Novik, Naomi
Jennifer Scales and the Messenger of Light  Davidson, MaryJanice

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