Magic Thief : Found

Found by Sarah Prineas

Found is the third book in the Magic Thief series by Sarah Prineas. The main character, Conn, has returned to his home city of Wellmet despite an order of exile. He rejoins his master, the wizard Nevery, so that they can prepare for an attack by the predator magic Arhionvar, which featured prominently in the second book.

Conn isn’t confident that he can defend Wellmet without a locus magicalicus. Nevery agrees to help Conn cast a spell to locate a new one (his first had been destroyed in defense of the city during the first book.) Unfortunately, their attempt burns a line through Wellmet. Magic tends to react in unexpected ways around Conn. The ruling body of Conn to death for his magical mischief.  However, since Conn has left the city to follow the burnt line leading to his locus magicalicus, he doesn’t pay much attention to this punishment. 

Along his quest, Conn discovers the source of magic and rediscovers a creature thought long extinct. The city of Wellmet is attacked by Arhionvar; some of its people defend it while others are left in disarray and attacked by something they can’t even fathom. Nevery and Conn were called liars and heretics for claiming magic is alive. 

My favorite character is Conn. He is so single-mindedly focused on magic! This is especially obvious as he follows the burnt line to his locus magicalicus. Despite his pickpocket profession, he is innately honest. The secondary characters are also delightful. Nevery and Benet are gruff but caring men, and Conn’s  best friend is the high-born Lady Rowan who is kind and accepting of Conn’s quirks. 

The ending is satisfying. Due to the age level for which it was written, it is a happy ending. Nonetheless, the ending is plausible. I really enjoyed this book and series. Sarah Prineas is a talent to watch out for. I would recommend this book to readers who enjoyed the Harry Potter series or Tamora Pierce’s Winding Circle series.

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