Eventful Haiku

Friday HaikuThis has been an eventful week. Since I didn’t post any haiku last week, I’m including some of my haiku from then. My first haiku refers to the blog comment I got on my entry reviewing Mistwood. The author, Leah Cypess wrote to me! Some of the other things going on include : I had an author visit my library and talk about the paranormal in Wisconsin; I chaperoned a teen lock-in; and I lead a lively book discussion. In between, there was the normal customer service snafus and successes. Here are some haiku for you to enjoy!

Mistwood post yields fun
Author commented on blog
“Now I know castle!”

Ghosts in Wisconsin
Author talks at library
Dark room, bright slideshow.

Teen lock in tonight
Scavenger hunt and Wii games
Should be lots of fun.

Lock in was success
No problems and lots of fun!
Boy, am I tired.

Sleeping fifteen hours
In a day – dreams trap me there.
I must be part cat.

Angry patron won’t
Listen to explanation
Asks each staff member.

Book club discusses
Born Amish and their lifestyle
Lively talk is great.

About shortlibrarian

I am a woman working in the Twin Cities as a programming Librarian.
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