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For all you Twihards and Twihaters, here’s an inspired new theory about vampires. There’s a little something for everyone in this; it just depends upon your feelings about butterflies.

I Know Why the Vampire Sparkles!

… now I’m convinced that vampires are nothing more than overgrown, parasitic… Butterflies! Vampires are gorgeous, metamorphosis is a key part of their development, and they are natural experts at camouflage and mimicry. Some butterflies have even been observed feeding on blood. Why do they sparkle? That’s easy: Vampires, like butterflies, are covered in tiny iridescent scales.

I can’t even claim the discovery of this awesome theory. It was mentioned in an email sent for a library list-serv. This theory was originally wriiten about on the blog: Crossed Genres

I think this is a creative response to the vampire question and Twilight craze. It combines both ew and awesome responses.

If you dislike Twilight, maybe the “bugs” part of the explanation works for you. Many people dislike creepy crawly insects. They might bite or hide in clothing. They’re unpredictable. They are associated with dirt and germs and are generally deemed unclean.

If you like Twilight, maybe you are attracted to this theory by the beautiful imagery of a butterfly. Butterflies may be insects but they occupy a different status in pop culture. They’re beautiful, ethereal creatures associated with purity and rebirth.

So, what do you think? It actually makes a sort of twisted sense. Why else would vampires sparkle in the sunlight? What’s your theory?

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I am a woman working in the Twin Cities as a programming Librarian.
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