Apologies & Haiku

Friday HaikuLong time no see. I’m sorry for the long silence. I hate when that happens on blogs that I follow. It’s been very busy at work and at home.

I thought I’d ease back into blogging by posting some more haiku. Some of the topics in these haiku are more recent than others. The family focused haiku are from mid to late August, and the work related ones are from this past week. I’ll try to have reviews posted next week again! 🙂

Month long break from blog
Allows time for reflection
Book reviews are hard!

Fat baby nephew
Smiles at me from my arms
Jacob is happy!

Going to the fair!
Teacup ride spins round and round.
Oh no! I might puke.

Uncle is in ER
Fever and pain in ankle
Doctor takes his time.

Tables and chairs left
Disorganized by last group
Need time to fix it.

Buy a cake and card
Library director quits
Wish him all the best.

Workers’ schedules change
Find staff to cover all shifts
Alter calendar.


About shortlibrarian

I am a woman working in the Twin Cities as a programming Librarian.
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