Tim Gunn’s Golden Rules

Tim Gunn, the fashion consultant and mentor on the tv show Project Runway has written a book near and dear to his heart: proper social conduct. Luckily, the book is a bit more juicy than that. Gunn has worked in the fashion industry for over twenty years. He is privy to all sorts of funny anecdotes and scandal. He also shares information about himself and his family that edges this book into the category of a memoir.

I’ve followed Project Runway since it’s first season. The show’s concept tickled me because it allowed me to live vicariously through the designers on the show. I’m very happy in my chosen profession, but I’ve always been very interested in fashion. In fact, my mom says that I was commenting on how pretty a lady’s pink pantsuit looked as young as four years old. I enjoy handicrafts and thinking about how items are made. This show has been a good fit for me. I also like how Project Runway focuses on the creative process rather than sexual shenanigans or abrasive personalities.

Tim Gunn is a model of restraint on the show. He is positive and helpful for the contestants. He is also handsome and elegant – he has been nicknamed the Silver Fox by other blogs!

His book, Tim Gunn’s Golden Rules, uses the format of laying out one of his rules and then spending the rest of the book to relate stories from his life or the tv show to illustrate why breaking the rule is a bad idea. For example one of his rules is “Taking the High Road.” The story he used was from the tv show when one of the contestants thought another had copied her design ideas. Ultimately, she took the high road and didn’t mention it to the judges. One of the other designers actually accused the first of copying her design elements in front of the judges. She just ended up looking petty and lost some viewer support.

Some unusual facts about Tim Gunn were shared of which I had been unaware. It turns out that his father was J Edgar Hoover’s speech writer! His mother still refuses to acknowledge that Tim is gay. Also, Tim was unpaid for his consulting on Project Runway until the third season!

For more tidbits and other great rules, I recommend Tim Gunn’s Golden Rules. It has useful tips for social conduct and interesting anecdotes about famous people. The book was well written and Tim Gunn’s “voice” was clear throughout.

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