Chicken Little

Chicken Little
81 Minutes
Rated G

Chicken Little has rung the school bell to alert the town about a terrible danger: THE SKY IS FALLING! Or is it? When the townspeople are unable to see what he was warning them about, they ridicule him. Even his father doesn’t support him. Fast forward six months, and Chicken Little is still struggling with the fallout from his warning. All he really wants is his father to be proud of him. Determined to regain his father’s admiration, he joins the baseball team and tries to be “cool.” When the sky falls again, will he be brave enough to warn people and risk their ridicule again?


I did not enjoy this movie. I was amazed, and horrified, that it was from Disney. In fact, throughout the extras on the DVD, the director emphasized his commitment to the Disney tradition so strongly that I expected his pants to burst into flames at any minute. Reasons he cited as being evidence of their deep commitment to the Disney tradition: the similarity they sought between their characters’ movements and that of early Disney shorts, and a story that connects to the viewer’s heart. These reasons don’t hold water for me. They’re too spurious and subjective. While the characters do share similarities in their walking patterns, it is not a hallmark for the average viewer. And their second reason is even more unbelievable for me since I did not connect with the story nor the characters of Chicken Little. In fact, I vehemently disliked the motivations of several characters. I rarely dislike Disney animated movies, and so this movie was all the more disappointing for the anomaly.

I particularly disliked the motivations of Chicken Little and his father. I thought the father was weak and Chicken Little was boring. The problems caused by their lack of communication was very frustrating. Even the successful resolution of their problem was annoying because it didn’t contain any nuances.

The movie would have benefited from decisive editing too. Whole subplots could have been eliminated and would have tightened up the story. Specifically, the baseball team subplot was unnecessary because it didn’t play into the resolution.

I would not recommend this movie.

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