Stray Sock Sewing

Stray Sock Sewing
by Daniel

This inventive, colorful, and resourceful book will teach you how to create adorable stuffed toys. This hobby doesn’t have to cost much either. The tools are simple, and the supplies basic: needle, thread, stuffing, and socks. That’s right! You take socks and create darling animals and monsters out of them by cutting and sewing them in a variety of ways. There is a small gallery of completed toys at the beginning of the book. It is followed by a brief demonstration of the basic sewing techniques needed for these projects and then by the actual projects. There are eight unique designs.


The lucky cat creature I sewed in two days!

I received this book for my birthday last year. I’m sad to say that it took nearly all of that time for me to do something with it. However, now that I have, I’m so glad. I pieced together a small lucky cat toy out of a pair of children’s socks. A lucky cat has its paw(s) raised to gesture luck into the life of its owner. One or both paws can be raised to signal welcoming financial luck in or motioning it to stay. As you can see from the picture to the right, I have both paws raised.

I deviated only once from the design in the book. Due to my own error in understuffing the cat, it did not have enough mass and could not stay upright. I designed and sewed a small purple pillow filled with split peas for the cat to sit upon. I also embroidered feet upon his lower body.

It took me about two days to complete this project, and I suspect my additions to the design required the most time. I used emboidery floss to make his face, and grey thread to attach his arms to his body.


I believe this is a translation of a book originally written in Hong Kong. This book is a delight. It offered clear, succinct instructions on how to make toys out of everyday objects. The pictures were sharp and understandable. The instructions were clearly stated.

Since trying my first project, I’ve borrowed other books on the topic to compare ideas. I’ve looked at a few other books on this related topic, among which are Happy Gloves and Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Amigurumi. Stray Sock Sewing compared very favorably because of its gorgeous graphics and the immediate gratification of its quick crafting.

I would recommend this to readers who enjoy home made crafts. In particular, it would appeal to people who enjoy the kawaii aesthetic.

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