What a Week!

Friday HaikuWhat a week this has been! It’s been very busy. I’ve worked four a half desk shifts so far. Several staff members are on vacation or off sick. Patrons have been visiting the library and returning books like crazy; what a wonderful problem! 🙂 I enjoyed helping several patrons with complex reference questions – one was interested in the provenance of an old pocket watch, and another was looking for information about a house they used to live in. We also had an upsetting accident happen. A child was hit by a car while crossing the street! He was responsive at the scene and released from the hospital with minor injuries; however, this is very upsetting since this is the second pedestrian accident within a month! I’m more uncomfortable crossing the street now and take extra precautions, for sure! Look both ways everyone, and have a good weekend!

Walking towards doors
Expecting them to open.
“Your door doesn’t work.”

Calling 911
Another person got hit!
Dangerous main street.

“You don’t know how hard!”
Insists mother with toddler.
My mom did it though.

Looking for answers
for antique queries is hard.
It’s not all online!

Ten boxes of books
and two staff to unpack them;
Good teamwork is key.

Black body with white
stripe trundles across the ditch.
Saw a sign of spring!

About shortlibrarian

I am a woman working in the Twin Cities as a programming Librarian.
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