Love in the Time of Dragons

Love in the Time of Dragons
Katie MacAlister

A Novel of the Light Dragons

Who is she? What is she? Why has she been sleeping for 5solid weeks? Tully Sullivan insists that she is a normal woman, but everyone else believes she is actually a dragon. She can’t be
though, can she? Of course, she has no way to explain these sleeping fugues, or her ability to manifest gold. And what about those dreams she has during the yearly fugues? It wouldn’t be so bad to be a dragon, except if she is actually who they say she is, she will have to answer for the crimes of her mate … with death.

This book left me with mixed feelings. It was fast paced, and maintained a light hearted tone throughout the story. That was good, for the most part. The story was interesting, and I especially liked the “dreams” about her prior life as Ysolde.

Unfortunately, the book also left me with a lot of questions. It’s part of a series, which is part of an entire universe of assumptions – there are demons, doppelgängers, and dragons; they all interact, and sort of get along. But there’s no handy explanation of this world, and the reader is thrown in at the deep end of all of these assumptions.

Another concern I had about the book was the questionable levity at certain moments of high tension. For example, at a meeting of important characters who could determine the death of the main character, everyone is talking about canapés and bananas. Anger is discarded too easily, but not to the extent of forgetting consequences. Perhaps that is truly my beef with the narrative. It was illogical. If people are truly getting along, it seems strange to revert to jail time or death sentences after the party is over.

I would recommend this book to readers who enjoy Mary Janice Davidson or Kerrelyn Sparks. It’s a light hearted paranormal romance with a deep backlist that could make you laugh. Readers will probably enjoy this book best when familiar with the series and world-building.

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