The Power of Words

The following video has a great message about the power of words. It is a reminder of how important the words we use can be. They are important whether they are applied in our personal or professional lives. The correct words can express our love for someone at home, or communicate a winning idea to our boss. It is also important in marketing, as this video shows.

The man in this video is marketing himself and his condition in order to get money, but without the correct “catch phrase,” his appeal didn’t have as much strength. After the woman stopped to reword his sign, more people stopped to give money to the blind man. He hadn’t changed, nor had his condition. What had changed was an appeal that spoke to the people passing by. It didn’t talk about him alone, but involved the people with the message. It caused the bystanders to think about it, consider themselves in that situation, and this empathy made them more willing to donate money towards the man.

Words also have connotations – extra meanings that lie beneath the surface of the dictionary definition. Consider how the words with which you express yourself suggest additional ideas as you speak. Proper care in words and advertisements can communicate more about yourself and your organization than what is seen in a quick glance.

This video was recommended to me by two different people. Thanks go out to Angie and Mike!

About shortlibrarian

I am a woman working in the Twin Cities as a programming Librarian.
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