Haiku with Sneezes

I’m happy that it’s the weekend soon. I’ve been struggling with a cold. I’m looking forward to relaxing on Sunday and Memorial Day. Otherwise, it’s been a good week. I was able to hang out with friends on Monday for a sushi and movie night. I’ve worked my usual reference shifts. I was even able to order adult fiction for June already. (I still need to choose adult large print and music and movies.) I pray that we have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend. Take care!


Neon green tree leaves
Glow against backdrop of bark.
Rain paints vivid scene.

Scenes of disasters
Cycle through the tv news.
No more tornadoes!

Californian rolls
Made by hand in sushezi;
Snack food and movies.

Waking up is hard
Getting to work is harder;
When is the weekend?

Sore throat and sneezing
Announces my spring time cold;
It’s not contagious.

Social networking
Allows me to practice skills;
What will you read next?


About shortlibrarian

I am a woman working in the Twin Cities as a programming Librarian.
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