Tax Time at the Library

If you haven’t already been asked about tax forms, prepare yourselves. It’s that time of year again. Confused people will enter the library looking for instruction books and tax forms.  Please approach them and offer your help!

Wisconsin Tax Forms
The Wisconsin Department of Renenue has changed their website (again). I recommend taking a look at it before a patron comes at you with questions. Preparation like this can make a possibly tense situation (because people seem to always worry more when money is involved) more comfortable. The tax forms are organized according to who might need them: Corporation; Fiduciary, Estate, & Trusts; Individual; Partnership. Additional forms that don’t fall neatly into any category are listed below. Tax forms from previous years can be found here.

  • More often than not, our patrons are looking for Individual forms. Click on the word “Individual” to find forms such as the WI-Z, WI-1. WI-1A, etc.
  • The Homestead Tax Credit form is available on this website.
  • The forms are listed alphabetically.
  • The forms and instructions are saved as PDFs for easy use and printing.
  • Most of the forms are fill-in forms; that is, you can type the answers in them on the computer and print them out. The fill-in forms will still need to be printed to be filed with the state, unless it is an e-file form. (Seperate section of the website and very apparent since it says “e-file.” Fill-in forms can be printed out and also filled in by hand.

Federal Tax Forms
The IRS has announced that taxpayers have until April 17 to file their tax returns. The IRS offers a large array of information that can be very confusing. The forms are located on a page that shows the top 20 +/- forms that are requested. Directly below those forms, is a link that connects you to a new website showing all tax forms that is searchable by publication number or title. You may find prior years tax forms on the IRS website as well.

We are not trained to provide tax advice or recommendations! Do not allow patrons to bully or guilt you into giving them advice. When pushed, you could tell them that you are not trained to prepare taxes, or you could direct them to some free tax help. Sometimes, I will lay out several options regarding forms and let the patron decide for themselves.

Good luck!


About shortlibrarian

I am a woman working in the Twin Cities as a programming Librarian.
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