Cosmetic Changes to the WPLC eBook Website

The Wisconsin Public Library Consortium’s Digital Library updated their website this past week. Several patrons have already contacted the library confused over the differences. I’m happy to say that the changes are just cosmetic.

The basic functions of the website and our service remain the same. The appearance of the website has been improved to give it a sleeker, more user-friendly look. Gone is the outdated hunter green color scheme, and the monstrously long left-hand sidebar organization of categories. Now there is a white and navy blue color scheme, and menus that expand or hide depending on the needs of the user.

Main differences in the updated website:

Search Bar

  • Search bar has been placed at top of screen.
  • Search bar is larger and more prominent.
  • The default search bar allows you to type in title, author, or keyword without specifying which to search by.
  • Users may now limit the search by format type immediately, rather than doing so in Advanced Search.


  • Most often used links (Home, My Account, My Cart, Getting Started) are arranged horizontally at top of the screen.
  • Format categories are still listed along left hand sidebar, but are more clearly distinguished from eachother.

New and Awesome Additions

  • Age related reading categories have been introduced on the main page!
  • The Overdrive Advantage program is explained to users via a link on the left hand page.

About shortlibrarian

I am a woman working in the Twin Cities as a programming Librarian.
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