United States Infographic

This infographic comes, appropriately enough, from the blog “Epic Reads.” I think it’s appropriate because this graphic is epic. Epic Reads is a Harper Collins publisher blog. The graphic was created by blogger EpicGirl who did so by compiling reader responses after she requested their help in thinking up a list of YA books for every state in the USA.

(Via Epic Reads)

I really like this graphic and list. It uses something iconic and relatable – the shape of continental USA – and turned it into something more than the capitals and interstates we’re more familiar with. The way each state frames a key event of the book covers is particularly cool. It invites the viewer to think and decipher the map in a new, colorful way. Then, I love that the graphic includes a list of state names and the book that corresponds to it on the map. This is really helpful for some of the more obscure cover images. And for those of you who might have wondered; even though the image is showing the continental USA, the list includes books for Alaska and Hawaii. Finally, one more thing I like about this list: it’s a mix of genres.

What about you? Which books on this list have you read? Feel like a literary road trip? Which books would you read if you were going to be an armchair road warrior?


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