Beneath the Surface

The 2013 summer reading program theme for teens is “Beneath the Surface”. The CSLP has a bibliography of titles that apply to this theme. It’s fascinating, and a bit overwhelming, to consider what topics are covered by this theme. For example, “Beneath the Surface” could mean:

  • aquatics
  • history
  • dystopian futures
  • spelunking
  • gardening
  • Underground Railroad
  • zombies
  • subcultures
  • self-expression
  • taboo subjects
  • current events such as abuse and sex trade

This is the poster for the theme provides by the CSLP.
Beneath the Surface

I’m thinking of different programs and events to offer for teens based around this theme. I’m trying to decide whether to choose one of the facets of this theme and run with it throughout the summer, or to diversify and embrace the full gamut.

What about you? What do you think of this theme? Are you planning events for teens this summer? What kind of things are you going to do?

Check out my Pinterest Board to see what I’m interested in for this theme.


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I am a woman working in the Twin Cities as a programming Librarian.
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