Rapunzel is a Cat Lady

Cat Versus Human is a popular web comic about a woman who is the very definition of Crazy Cat Lady – but with a boyfriend and a family dog. These comics usually feature her rolling around and covered in cats, their shedded fur, or scratches. It’s a light hearted look at the love we have for our pets.

rapunzel-cat-lady-love explainedI always enjoy these cartoons, but I discovered one today that really speaks to me. Since I’m a librarian, and a book lover, I was delighted to see a cartoon from this web site that attempted to explain Rapunzel in the Crazy Cat Lady lexicon. It all becomes clear now! Rapunzel wasn’t lonely up in her tower, because each day she let down her hair, cats would pounce on it and she would then draw them up to herself. Like fishing – but with hair, on land, and for cats! Of course, the real punch line of this cartoon is when she lets down her hair and pulls up a man instead. Classic ending to the Rapunzel story, right? Sort of! This cartoon makes so much more sense to me than the classic fairy tale because the cartoon characters begin their relationship based on their mutual love of cats rather than love at first sight. I think these kids have a chance at a life long connection. I’m sure there are relationships founded on much less! 🙂

The full cartoon can be found below. Click on it to view it larger.
Cat Versus Human.

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I am a woman working in the Twin Cities as a programming Librarian.
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