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About shortlibrarian

I am a woman working in the Twin Cities as a programming Librarian.

Recycling Architecture

more information can be found here Photos from RTV Oost Flickr stream.

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Recovery Haiku

Jet lag drags me down From flying high amongst clouds Tinted sunset pink. Voicemail, email, and Urgent to-do’s pile my desk; Vacation’s harvest. Workshops and meetings – Professional conference – Ideas fill rooms. Now’s the hardest part: Implement and recreate … Continue reading


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Flight Haiku

High above the clouds Cumulonimbus reflects Sun shining above.

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Countdown Haiku

Getting my tasks done Before starting vacation – Herculean job! Flying on jet plane Countdown to exotic trip – Hot destination. Long layover in Worst rated airport – food desert. Sleeping near my gate. Reunion with friends Combined with new … Continue reading

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Benefits of a Library Card

This is just one of the images in a series used in popular social media by the Pinal County Library System to celebrate National Library Card Sign-Up Month in September. There are 30 images total planned to be released daily … Continue reading

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Renaissance Haiku

Dust rising on air – Breezes carry scent of meat. Essence of the Fest. My lord, my lady, Sir, or Mistress, “Good morrow!” Hawkers cry out wares. Circlet of flowers On my head with dragonfly; Nature’s regal crown. Amber tinted … Continue reading

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Social Librarian

I am a social librarian! Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? Actually, it isn’t. The following infographic was created by Elsevier and librarian Joe Murphy in recognition of how “the social librarian is enmeshed in the fabric of the Internet … Continue reading

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Cat Haiku

I’m welcomed home by Something horked up by my cat; Why must you do this? Sharp claws dig into Soft flesh of thigh as she purrs. Inscrutable gaze. My world is so wide; Traveling across the sea. Yours is four … Continue reading

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Review : Aged and Confused

Based on the DVD recording of the same name, comedian Bill Engvall performs a set filled with the usual folksy observations but this time focused on the dreaded state of middle age and the even more dreaded state of what … Continue reading

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No Time to Read

This is such a cute meme! I am the stereotypical librarian: I love cats. So this picture makes me happy on three levels. It is cute and features a cat, it expresses my feelings about my to-be-read pile of books, … Continue reading

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