State Fair Haiku

Knee pain from walking,
Sweat-drenched from oppressive heat;
Fun at the state fair.

Lil Bub, Henri and
Grumpy Cat make me say “aww!”
Seen at #catvidfest.

Passing all these cars –
Must check my speedometer.
I am not speeding. . .

Should I have turned then?
Depth perception seems wonky-
Not drunk, just tired.

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Letter From Fred

A Letter from Fred is a documentary about a 96 year old man who entered a singer-songwriter contest sponsored by a music studio. His wife of 70+ years had died shortly before, and his entry was a love letter to her. Despite his entry not fitting the parameters of the contest, his words touched the heart of the contest organizer. This is the story of what transpired from this connection.

Oh, my sweet Lorraine!
Wish we’d do sweet things again;
Don’t want to move on.

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Too Much Fun Haiku

Loving family
Visit with seven children;
How does she do it?

Cool aquarium,
Awesome zoo and busy mall –
these are what we do.

Recovering from
having so much fun means I
need more weekend time!

Summer gone so soon;
We still have the Fair to see.
Heat sizzles in air.

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Book Review: Safekeeping

Safekeeping by Karen HesseWhen Radley returns to the United States after volunteering abroad, she comes back to a country under military rule with strict travel restrictions, and she must find her way back to her Vermont home through the New England woods.

Title : Safekeeping
Author : Karen Hesse
ISBN : 9781250011343
Copyright : 2012
Pages : 294
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Fines & First Impressions

calvin comic The cartoon to the left was created by Bill Watterson, artist of the long running Calvin and Hobbes cartoon. I found it via Pinterest which led to to a fun new-to-me blog: Small Review. The blog author, an American woman working in a public library, used this image to illustrate her point about the misconceptions and stereotypes of librarians.

I’ve encountered variations on this cartoon’s theme while working the service desk. Sometimes it might be a middle aged parent getting a card for their child while confessing they hadn’t been in a library since childhood because “the librarian was so mean!” Or it might be an elderly patron worried about paying off their ten cent fine because they are anxious about the status of their record and how the librarians might react to their “transgression.”. Each of these situations feature people who seem to view librarians as barriers to the use of the library instead of facilitators. What doesn’t seem to be communicated to people in popular media is how eager librarians are to have them use public libraries and fully engage with librarians. I believe I’m doing my part every day to counter this misperception by smiling, actively listening, and connecting people to what they want. How about you? How do you think of librarians/libraries? If you’re a librarian, do you embody the stereotype or destroy it?

I think this cartoon is funny. It addresses the misconception about librarians as fine bounty hunters and the mother’s common sense advice mirrors what a librarian might say. “Come on in. We want you here. Don’t let your fears and fines keep you from using our services.”

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Classification of Book Lovers

Time for another infographic! I believe that I can be classified as a Reader –> Book Lover –> Compulsive –> Immersive Reader / Library Lover. What about you? What type of reader are you? Do you agree with these classifications?

Via Laura E. Kelly

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Airplane Haiku

Herons and eagles,
Conveyed by lofty breezes –
Boeings and Cessnas.

Look up, commuters!
Flying behemoth of steel.
Floating on zephyrs.

So close I could touch
Smooth metal belly of beast,
Plane roaring above.

Hobbyists’ aircraft
Buzzing roof of apartment,
Wish I could swat it.

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Rapunzel is a Cat Lady

Cat Versus Human is a popular web comic about a woman who is the very definition of Crazy Cat Lady – but with a boyfriend and a family dog. These comics usually feature her rolling around and covered in cats, their shedded fur, or scratches. It’s a light hearted look at the love we have for our pets.

rapunzel-cat-lady-love explainedI always enjoy these cartoons, but I discovered one today that really speaks to me. Since I’m a librarian, and a book lover, I was delighted to see a cartoon from this web site that attempted to explain Rapunzel in the Crazy Cat Lady lexicon. It all becomes clear now! Rapunzel wasn’t lonely up in her tower, because each day she let down her hair, cats would pounce on it and she would then draw them up to herself. Like fishing – but with hair, on land, and for cats! Of course, the real punch line of this cartoon is when she lets down her hair and pulls up a man instead. Classic ending to the Rapunzel story, right? Sort of! This cartoon makes so much more sense to me than the classic fairy tale because the cartoon characters begin their relationship based on their mutual love of cats rather than love at first sight. I think these kids have a chance at a life long connection. I’m sure there are relationships founded on much less! 🙂

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Good vs. Bad Librarians

Fun video time! This video comes from the awesome people at the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library. This library is known for its fun and experimental approach to advertisement and their embrace of social media.

This video is a satirical take on what makes a librarian “good” or “bad.” It is definitely tongue-in-cheek, but with enough truth to it to make us laugh. I especially like how the use of a CGI “teeth sparkle” acted like a punch line to a joke – kind of like when a comedian is backed up by the kaboom-kish noise of a drum set.

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Grateful Haiku

People to see and
Assignments to accomplish
Grateful for my job.

Special projects teach
Workplace culture to new staff
Job’s microcosm.

County Fair begins
Soon; Library featured there.
T-shirts, stools, and shifts.

End of busy week-
No meetings or service desk,
Time to get things done!

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