I Kill Fairies

2011-Killing-Fairies“There are two types of readers: those who can’t read a book if they already know how it ends and those who won’t read a book unless they know how it ends. Some readers consider the latter behaviour to be so heinous it’s as if an innocent creature has been slaughtered. Hence, killing a fairy. Or, as it began in Twitter, #killafairy.”
— Via KillaFairy

I kill fairies regularly. I love to know how a book will end before I go through the work of reading the whole thing. What about you? Do you ever “kill a fairy?”

Source of image: “Every Time You Click this Link, a Fairy Dies” by Rob Clark
Via Book Thingo.

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Worth a Thousand Words

I love art like the image below. It embodies the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” By using the pages of books to paint this enigmatic picture, the artist seems to suggest a depth to the model that might not have been inferred upon blank canvas.


By artist Ekaterina Panikanova.

What do you think? What does this picture say to you? What do you think the woman is thinking?

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Zoo Haiku

cherry_blossomTired from visit
Zoo, mall, and museum seen.
Waiting for weekend.

Wonderful Como;
Full of plants and animals.
Free and beautiful.

Giraffes and tiger
Pace enclosure – trapped by steel;
So near, but so far.

Mayan history
Intricate details and lore.
Where did cities go?

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Stylish Librarians

enhanced-buzz-7056-1374624849-18 BuzzFeed has a list of historic photographs that show stylin’ librarians. My personal favorite is number 19, but it was hard to choose. Number 19 looks like it was from the 1920s because of the women’s shorter hemlines and cloche hats. Which one is your favorite?

Via BuzzFeed.

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Putting Down that Book

Have you put any of these books down? They may be popular, but not everyone likes them. Sometimes a book may be so over-hyped that my expectations build way up. It’s hard for a book to actually meet expectations then. What about you? What books have you started to read, but couldn’t get into?

putting down book infographic

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D’oh! Filler image
Wasn’t meant to be whole post.
Will write more haiku.

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Book Review: Lost Cat

Lost Cat by Caroline PaulCaroline Paul was recovering from a bad accident and thought things couldn’t get worse. But then her beloved cat Tibia disappeared. She and her partner, illustrator Wendy MacNaughton, mourned his loss. Yet weeks later, Tibia waltzed back into their lives. His owners were overjoyed. But they were also…jealous? Betrayed? Where had their sweet anxious cat disappeared to? Had he become a swashbuckling cat adventurer? Did he love someone else more? His owners were determined to find out. Using GPS technology, cat cameras, psychics, the web, and animal communicators, the authors of Lost Cat embarked on a quest to discover what their cat did when they weren’t around. Told through writer Caroline Paul’s rich and warmly poignant narrative and illustrator Wendy MacNaughton’s stunning and hilarious 4-color illustrations.

Title : Lost Cat  : a True Story of Love, Desperation, and GPS Technology
Author : Caroline Paul ; illustrated by Wendy McNaughton
ISBN : 9781608199778
Copyright : 2013
Pages : 159

1_5 Stars
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The More You Know

Here’s a nice video promoting a library by showing its resources in a humorous way. I liked how the video showed people checking out a book or video, having a period of time pass, and then show up at the library again, but this time for answers to problems caused by the application of what they learned from the first set of library items checked out.

This video is a good demonstration of showing instead of telling. It also also embodies the Library’s motto: Books and Beyond. This video also won the 2009 International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions International Library Marketing Award.

By The Alberta Library
Via Funny Library Videos

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Week of Haiku

cherry_blossomTeacher whoops with glee.
Zumba does not make me smile;
Trying not to trip.

Meeting friends to talk –
anecdotes of their toddlers,
Sometimes even books! 🙂

Writing new contracts
for artists at library;
See them in the fall!

Did not pack my lunch –
Paying for restaurant food
Expensive work week!

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Another Reason to Love My Job

picture booksI love working the Reference Desk. I enjoy teasing information out of patrons when they don’t have the words for what they really want, connecting them with the resources we own, and finding answers. I’m glad that my new job allows me to work 8 hours a week on the Reference Desk – it makes me feel more connected to the community I serve, and can sometimes, like today, help validate my career choice. The reference interview began, as so many do, at the service desk. The patron brandished an assignment sheet in the air, as if to emphasize the “impossible” things her teacher was asking her to do. We needed to find over 40 picture books in several different categories.
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