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Home Haiku

Nieces and nephews Tumble around the old house; Time to play with them! Construction paper, Scissors and glue make their art: Pink monkey faces. Moving into old Place where I grew up is good; I still fit with them.

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Date Stamps as Art

I like the intricate look of the artwork explored in this video. The artist uses rubber date stamps to create paintings of people and things. Another interesting part of his art is that he always uses the current date in … Continue reading

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Explaining Manga

Manga (maw-n-gah) is : Japanese comics, graphic novels Read from Right to Left, upper right corner to lower left corner Written for everyone, and are available in different genres Drawing style is distinctive – most usually with huge hair and … Continue reading

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Toy Story 3

Woody, Buzz, Slinky Dog, the Potato Heads, and the rest of the group are facing a new challenge. Their owner, Andy, is all grown up and going to college. Continue reading

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Book Sculpture

The digital revolution opens up new possibilities and a wider discussion of the role of books in society. Just as some language is spoken by the body, this “discussion” about the future of books is taking place through artistic design and viewers’ impressions. Continue reading

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