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YA Book Covers & Color

The following infographic comes from an amazing blogger named Kate Hart. She spent a lot of time and effort compiling all this information. Sure, the graphic is pretty and all, but do you know what is even cooler? She used … Continue reading

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Refresher on Dewey Decimal System

Because of the scheduled computer down time last week, I had some time to reflect on how dependent I am upon computers, even for something as simple as figuring out where a book is in the nonfiction section. Sure, I … Continue reading

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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Genres

Genre is a classification of books or media by content and/or style that allows users to more easily identify the book. Subgenres are classifications within a genre that contain all the elements of a major genre as well as specific … Continue reading

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Explaining Manga

Manga (maw-n-gah) is : Japanese comics, graphic novels Read from Right to Left, upper right corner to lower left corner Written for everyone, and are available in different genres Drawing style is distinctive – most usually with huge hair and … Continue reading

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RA Experiment

My friends and I had some geeky fun last week. I put out a request on Facebook for them to list the last three books they had read, and then promised I’d suggest a new title for them to read. … Continue reading

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Musical Library Video

Fulton County Public Library

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Hull Zero Three

Hull Zero Three is a short science fiction novel unrelated to any series. It is set on a rogue colony ship hurtling somewhere in space. Parts of the ship have been damaged, and subsystems are warring with each other to take control in order to fulfill their vision of completing the mission. Continue reading

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Story Time by CPL

The Calgary Public Library created an award wining short video about three years ago that is concise, funny, and informative. It is a general advertisement of the many books, audiobooks, and movies that the library offers. Continue reading

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IDEO. The Future of the Book

The creative people at the design firm IDEO have weighed in on the future of the book. However, this video shows only digital book experiences. Does this mean that IDEO doesn’t forecast print and paper books sticking around? Continue reading

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Book Sculpture

The digital revolution opens up new possibilities and a wider discussion of the role of books in society. Just as some language is spoken by the body, this “discussion” about the future of books is taking place through artistic design and viewers’ impressions. Continue reading

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