Eat Prey Love

Eat Prey Love
by Kerrelyn Sparks

#9 in Love at Stake series

Caitlyn Whelan has just been reunited with her sister … and been introduced to the world of paranormal beings that her father has hid from her for so many years. Faced with a tough choice, she decides to join her sister and combat the evil vampires who threaten the ones she loves. Carlos Panterra is a were-shifter working with her sister. He is assigned to bring Caitlyn up to speed and prepare her for the physical danger she might face. However, the passion that sparks between them might burn them up before the Malcontent vampires or Caitlyn’s father cang get to them! Carlos must find another were-panther like himself to carry on his endangered race, and Caitlyn doesn’t fit the bill. She’ll have to use all of her wiles and special skills to stay close to Carlos and convince him that she’s the woman for him.


  • exotic locations
  • diverse characters and paranormals
  • family angst
  • cool psychic powers for Caitlyn
  • humorous, light-hearted tone
  • refreshing that heroine wasn’t a Lara Croft wannabe


  • awful tattoo on cover model’s shoulder looks like exposed tendons
  • too large cast of characters, and all of them with a backstory
  • too little communication between hero and heroine
  • the title didn’t make sense with this plot
  • inconsistent physicality of heroine – she can do martial arts, but not run stairs?

Mary Janice Davidson
Christine Feehan
Lynsay Sands


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